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Brothers attend Western LEAD Provincial Conference in Denver

On February 28th, 18 brothers set out to Denver, Colorado for the Western LEAD Provincial Conference. This 3 day conference gave brothers the change to network with brothers, alumni, and industry experts from all over.

Notable speakers included DeMoine Adams, a former NFL player and current motivational speaker, and Tim Augustine, a business owner and officer of Atwell LLC - a 600 person consulting, engineering, and management firm.

Breakout sessions over the weekend allowed brothers to learn a variety of things to help them develop personally, professionally, and organizationally. Some of the favorite sessions amongst our group were History of Our Ritual, Brain Hack to Slay Your Task List, Power of Positive Thinking, and the Chapter Officer Roundtables which provided a platform for chapter officers to brainstorm and network under the guidance of DSP official leaders.

Overall, this conference provided brothers with valuable networking opportunities, professional development sessions, and a chance to bond with brothers from our chapter and many more.

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