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Brothers help local family build a home

In 2018, Delta Sigma Pi brothers at the University of Kansas partnered with Habitat for Humanity to raise money for a house for a local family. After raising $35,000, Iota brothers went one step further and helped actually build the house. On Saturdays, brothers would meet up at the site and begin working with Habitat for Humanity and KU faculty, Steve Hillmer and Alee Phillips, to build the home.

The house was built for Earnestine Little and her four daughters. It was the Lawrence Habitat's 99th home.

At the dedication ceremony held on February 9th, 2019, then president of the chapter, Jackson McElroy, said "The experience also taught me that even the biggest goals are attainable, to never shy away from a challenge and to get creative in hurdling the obstacles that stand in the way of the end goal. Most of all, I learned that people can have a greater impact in the lives of others than they ever think possible.”

One of the core values of Delta Sigma Pi is Service and Philanthropy. This project helped brothers serve their community in an impactful way, while providing them with valuable experience trying, learning, and failing.

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